E-Learning App Development: A Complete Guide on Types, Features, and Cost!

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E-Learning App Development: A Complete Guide on Types, Features, and Cost!

The latest emerging trends and technologies have prevailed with convenience to users located at every corner of the globe making e-learning apps a highly popular platform among different age groups. Today, electronic learning has become the new normal as it offers access to a pool of learning resources and qualified trainers, and that too at affordable prices. According to experts, this new way of learning is incorporating entertainment into education, which is capturing the attention of learners significantly. 

While using an eLearning software development platform seem like a great space to learn and grow, developing an online learning app is both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge lies in the fact that schools have to rethink the very design of their classrooms. 

The opportunity lies in the fact that virtual learning can reach out to students all over the world. It enables students to:

  • Learn at their own space & pace
  • Attend lectures whenever convenient for them
  • Take courses that are not available at their present location. 

Why go for e-learning app development?

According to statistics, eLearning software development solutions are rapidly growing as digital innovation is pacing up. Therefore, if you still haven’t developed an online place for your educational institute, now is the time to build one! Let’s have a look at a few critical stats:

  • From 2020 to 2025, the online learning market is expected to increase by 200%
  • 42% of US organizations have noticed an increase in their income because of online learning. 
  • After the encounter with the global pandemic, approximately 90% of the countries adopted the process of distance learning. 
  • With a growth of 15%, the corporate online learning market is expected to reach $50 billion by 2026. 

Types of e-learning platforms

There are three types of m-learning app development based on the purpose and target audience. Let’s have a look at each below! 

Personal learning

Distance m-learning app development solutions have now become the most opportune type of personal learning. The online courses are already created. So, one can start using them almost immediately. You can learn at your own pace and at your convenience. It is one of the significant advantages of this learning app category. 

Corporate training 

Online learning applications are widely used in corporate training because they enable organizations to train their employees without spending time and money. 

Educators app

eLearning app development is ideal for teachers to teach students online. The app is simple to use, and the interface is not complex. The educator’s app offers many resources for teachers to share their material, used cases, and lesson plans. 

Features of e-learning application development

The possibilities of mobile app development services for e-learning are outstanding. As a result, the mobile distance learning app market is also booming. If you want to design a great platform, the first step is not to create the app. The first step is to develop the platform. Next, design a solution for that problem. Later, you can carry on with figuring out the best solution on how to build an application. 

The following are a few features that you must integrate that help you get started with the mobile app development process. 

1. Student panel features

The main agenda of creating eLearning app development services are inviting students to leverage the functionalities widely available. Therefore, you must make sure that the interface is not only engaging but also easy to use and navigate without any student distractions. Here are some crucial features to be included in the student panel app:

  • Delivery system
  • Tests, exercises, and quizzes
  • Personalized learning
  • Games
  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Payment channels 
  • Social media
  • Easy login
  • Offline learning

2. Teachers panel features

A website development company that enables web-based learning apps for teachers should be easy and effective to use and imply. The interface, which is what the users interact with, should be simple and rich looking. Designers can use different techniques to accomplish these objectives, such as removing unnecessary features and streamlining the layout of the interface. Here are a few teacher’s panel features:

  • Registration
  • Manage account settings and profile 
  • Schedule live classes 
  • Push notifications
  • View reviews and feedback 
  • Answer queries of every student
  • Interact with students via message, audio, or video call
  • Post assignments and deadlines for students

3. Guardian or parent panel 

Guardians are people responsible for the well-being of their kids. The app’s features help the guardian understand the child’s behavior and habits and how they work. Parents can monitor their kid’s learning activity using their app. And they can also view the activities done by their kids on their smartphones and tablets. 

Its features of it are as follows:

  • Registration
  • Track student progress
  • Track course progress
  • Connect with trainers 
  • Check assignments, tests, and projects 
  • Push notifications
  • Track attendance
  • View student leaderboard 

4. Admin panel 

The Admin panel is a management panel. It is used by the owners or administrators of any website to manage the site. The admin panel contains all the functionalities of the website app development. These functionalities can be divided into two sections: one is for managing content, and the other is for managing users and their profiles

Features of the admin panel are:

  • Manage students and teachers 
  • Manage subscriptions plan
  • Manage student information 
  • Manage community content 

Costs of e-learning app development

If you are making a mobile app development, the best way to start might be to pivot from the learner’s perspective. Think about what would be fun for them. Ideally, it will have the same excitement of getting something difficult right after struggling over it for a while. 

Then think of how the teacher could help the learner get there faster. You can always add more content later. 

When it comes to distance learning solutions, the cost of developing an app depends on the following factors below:

1. Features and complexity of an e-learning app 

The first one is the complexity of the course content. If you have a lot of video content, audio content, or interactive exercises, the cost of developing an eLearning app development will be higher.  For example, if you want to add the feature of a chatbot in the app that can engage and solve the doubts of students at a primary level, you will need to add in the cost to develop a chatbot.

2. Choice of platforms

The second factor is the platform you are choosing for your m-learning app development solution. If you plan to develop your online education solution on iOS devices, it will cost more than creating it on Android devices.

3. App development team 

The number of people involved in creating an app affects its cost. If you need only one developer, you will have to pay them less money than if you need a whole team for this job. And conversely, if your application is very complex, you will need more developers to finish it on time. 

If you are creating a full-fledged online learning app, then hiring an experienced developing team such as that housed by Idea Usher is the best way to ensure that all the app features are blended seamlessly. 

Other factors such as the target audience can also influence your cost of mobile app development. The bigger it is, the more expensive your web-based education app will be. 

Last words!

An eLearning app development solution involves time, money, and many stakeholders. Many people think designing and building online learning apps is complex. A costly task where there are multiple challenges they don’t know how to tackle.

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