Building a Scalable Ruby on Rails Development Team: In-House vs. Outsourcing

Building a Scalable Ruby on Rails Development Team: In-House vs. Outsourcing

You are well aware that Ruby on Rails is the best platform for creating your next profitable product. Yet we want to discover a way to succeed as soon as we can and with the least amount of work.

This blog explains whether to outsource the development of Ruby on Rails, hire a Ruby on Rails developer and what to think about while doing so. 

 We are aware that it might be challenging to rely only on your senses while working with an external development partner. Yet for a firm to be profitable and morally sound, trust and technology are crucial components.

 Entrepreneurs expect success from outsourcing because they trust their suppliers and take on risks with them.

 We’ve put together a thorough checklist and action plan for you to follow before you hire a ruby on rails developer from an outside agency. Let’s start with a resume-building checklist for the perfect offshore RoR developer. The following is a list of instances and justifications for why it could be wise to outsource RoR development to hire Ruby on rails developers.

 Let’s look at the procedures for contracting out Ruby on Rails development as well as the dos and don’ts to hire ruby on rails developer.

Why should I hire someone else to build Ruby on Rails?

Minimise expenses:

Working as an outsourced developer entails paying only what is necessary, rather than a regular wage. Depending on the location where they are employed, employees could qualify for lower housing costs. 

Keep in mind that the firm you work for must either pay its employees more money or pay the market rate for salaries in your area. Fluctuations and people who are not appropriately qualified might jeopardize it. Even worse, it may be a breach of human rights, be immoral, and even prompt consumers to openly condemn you.

Accessibility to top-notch developers:

 The fact that you are no longer constrained to applicants local to or from the same region is the most evident advantage of outsourcing sophisticated technological work.

Simple to scale.

Also, there will be more talent available “on demand.” Hiring a full-time professional or spending a lot of money on cutting-edge equipment doesn’t make sense for a business seeking a VR developer only for one project.

Observe your corporate priorities.

You may devote more time to achieving your company’s objectives by outsourcing your Ruby on Rails development needs to an overseas partner who is located far away. No more stressing about management or development concerns.

Start quickly.

a collaboration To free you up to concentrate on business outcomes, a Ruby on Rails development firm takes on all of your development responsibilities. They started with his RoR knowledge, which led to quicker progress and better outcomes.

When should RoR development be outsourced?

When a startup is underway, outsourcing a RoR development project is suitable.

It may be expensive and time-consuming to find and hire technical expertise. RoR has grown quickly and is now well-liked among entrepreneurs. This approach to developing a minimally viable product (MVP) enables you to launch your product rapidly, bring on your first customers, and begin iterating. The libraries of the framework are also appropriate for sizable applications with intricate databases and backends.

RoR excels due to its quickness and adaptability.

  1. Meet tense deadlines by swiftly deploying MVPs.
  2. strict financial management.
  3. Manage sophisticated logic while writing less code.

MVP (minimum viable product):

Ruby is the recommended language for creating MVPs that are inexpensive and quick. The language was extensively used for prototyping, making modifications, and verifying several software iterations before a completely working app was produced. Ruby and RoR were both created to speed up and simplify the development process. Excellent for quick MVPs and proofs of concept.

An online shopping cart:

Ruby is a popular choice for e-commerce websites’ main programming languages. Ruby’s scalability, adaptability, and cost are ideal for the task since it can handle several transactions at once. The RoR framework, for instance, was used to create Spree and Shopify. Even though Shopify eventually switched to Ruby-only development, RoR is still a popular alternative for e-commerce systems.

Social media applications:

Ruby is a good choice for social networking applications since it can handle high traffic. Twitter was formerly a RoR undertaking. RoR is now a solid foundation for businesses to test concepts without spending time and money on expensive development.

A system that can handle sophisticated databases.

RoR is used by the biggest database websites in the world, such as analytics portals and multi-platform portals. Bloomberg and GitHub are two ideal instances.

While outsourcing RoR web development, take these steps into account:

Specifying business objectives

You must first comprehend the jobs that will be assigned to you. We assist you in selecting the ideal vendor and method of collaboration. Think about it:

  • Are you having trouble solving a problem? Locate a company that specializes in creating bespoke software.
  • Need to verify a product concept but are unsure how to make it a reality? Attempt to find a provider who provides an exploration phase.
  • Do you need more engineers? Think about outsourcing IT.
  • Compile the data and define the task’s parameters.

 All successful initiatives begin with thorough planning, specific objectives, and input from all parties. Identify needs, talk about deadlines, and calculate system scalability and growth possibilities. Try to foresee future interactions with business systems and third-party applications wherever you can.

Choose a trustworthy partner for RoR outsourcing development.

 Review the following requirements before outsourcing your Ruby on Rails development to an overseas partner: 

  1. Verify that the prospective development provider has a wide range of projects in their portfolio and substantial expertise, accreditations, and certifications.
  2. To verify reliability and credibility, consult prior case studies.
  3. Examine clutch reviews and client endorsements.
  4. Ensure that you adhere to a methodical process. Agile techniques are preferred.

 Sign contracts to establish confidence. Have your Ruby on Rails development outsourcing partner sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to safeguard your authentication and privacy.

Guidelines for leading a remote Ruby on Rails development team

There are a few requirements to be mindful of when hiring offshore Ruby on Rails engineers.

Do not outsource the development of Ruby on Rails.

  • Need for crystal-clear vision

It’s crucial to know exactly what you want to accomplish before speaking with the software company(s) from which you want a quote. This speeds up the process of locating the appropriate development team and enables you to foresee issues that they might not be familiar with. The project’s commercial aspect is what matters right now, not the technical specifics.

  • Examine fresh ideas.

Strive to adopt contemporary project management techniques. Some solutions make it simpler to manage a remote Ruby on Rails development team for those of you who are comfortable with email. Test them out to discover which suits you and your contracted employees the best. Also, you must choose an interaction paradigm that benefits both sides.

  • Finish your homework.

Investigate related projects to get a rough idea of the project’s cost. It will be challenging to build the “new Facebook” on a tight budget. You may certainly begin with an MVP, but it will quickly become apparent what you get for your money and how much it will cost to engage a Ruby on Rails developer.

  • Report the modification to the project manager.

 Before making any choices, the project manager should be consulted if the customer desires to produce something that is beyond the predetermined timetable or project scope. Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks like Ruby on Rails make it simple to incorporate new features and business logic into your software. But only if you alert the management team or development team as soon as the change happens.

  • Have faith in the technical staff and project management.

Offer your support for the development process to the project manager and team. They are the ones in charge of finishing the project and attempting to address any issues that may arise.

They always have your best interests in mind since they realise that a strong collaboration built on understanding and trust benefits both sides. IT management follows the same rules. The company’s business operations are difficult for us to completely comprehend. Having faith in one another’s skills is the key to productive collaboration.

Offshore Ruby on Rails developers’ responsibilities and roles

While hiring an offshore Ruby on Rails developer, you should take into account the following qualities:

  1. must be familiar with the DRY (don’t repeat yourself) and COC (convention over configuration) development techniques.
  2. TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD practical experience (Behavior Driven Development)
  3. Expertise with cloud computing platforms like Heroku, Amazon, and Engineyard 4 AJAX and REST design expertise
  4. You ought to be acquainted with well-known libraries like RSpec and Resque.
  5. solid expertise in algorithms, data structures, and system architecture.
  6. Access to databases using SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.
  7. solid command of languages for server-side templating, such as Liquid and Slim
  8. understanding of principles such as mocking, MVC, ORM, and RESTful


The conclusion of this helpful article applies if you’re wanting to hire a Ruby on rails developer. Take advantage of the unmatched advantages to hire ruby on rails developers.


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