ATS System: The Secret to Quick and Effective Hiring

ATS System: The Secret to Quick and Effective Hiring


Recently, many recruiters have started using the ATS system to streamline their hiring operations. They have realized that using modern recruitment tools and technologies is the only way to promote efficient hiring. Moreover, recruiters know they cannot afford to hire unqualified candidates for their open roles in today’s competitive market. 

So, if you are one of those recruiters who spend days and months hiring candidates, this blog is for you! Here, we will discuss how the ATS system can help you find candidates that match your expectations and job requirements.

What exactly does an ATS system mean? 

An ATS, also known as an applicant tracking system, is a modern recruiting software that uses AI and machine learning technology to simplify hiring tasks for recruiters. In other words, the software eliminates the need for recruiters to perform manual hiring work as it automates the overall hiring process. 

Usually, many recruiters think of hiring as a slow and tedious process where they invest too much of their time and energy. And even after all these, sometimes their efforts go to waste when they hire unqualified candidates for their current job openings. It is why recruiters facing such hiring challenges started using the ATS system. 

They report that ATS helps them up their hiring game by making recruitment less hectic. As a result, the applicant tracking system (ATS) is in high demand among hiring professionals in the USA and worldwide.

How many companies use the ATS system to hire candidates?

Did you know? A report by ResearchNester shows that 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS to hire employees for their job openings. Other surveys show that 67% of large-scale organizations and 35% of small-scale companies rely on the ATS system to meet their hiring needs. 

And guess what’s more surprising than this? These figures are likely to increase more in the coming years. It shows that most large-scale organizations in the United States have adopted ATS software. Thus, we can say that many successful business organizations use ATS. 

Also, all the top organizations will adopt ATS in the coming years. That is why it is crucial to start using an ATS system for your business. If you are a recruiter or a business owner, investing in this modern hiring software will be the best investment as it will reap long-term benefits.

What are the steps involved in the working of the ATS?

Advancements in AI and technology have transformed how the recruitment industry functions. By this, we mean like other industries, AI automation is also dominating the recruiting industry for good. It also means you can no longer use the old hiring tools to hire employees for your open positions. 

But before you adopt an automated ATS system for your business, you should know how this software works. Here are some steps involved in the working of the ATS:

1. Input job description

Usually, by entering the job description into the ATS system, the recruiter is the one who performs the first hiring step. The company’s job description includes job responsibilities, required experience and skills, minimum qualifications, etc. 

2. Creating an ideal candidate profile

In the next step, the ATS application software uses the job description entered by the recruiter to create an ideal candidate’s profile for the specific job role. In other words, the ATS will use the job requirements to know how a perfect candidate for the job should be.

3. Resume screening

The ATS system will post the job on various platforms in the next step. Once the software receives job applications from candidates, it will store these applications in this database. Later on, the ATS will screen all the candidate resumes and rank them based on how closely they match the ideal candidate’s profile that it created in its system during the second step.

4. Identifying qualified candidates

In the last step, the ATS system will rank all the best-matched candidate profiles on the top and vice versa. The hiring managers use this ranking to identify all the qualified candidates quickly. In this way, they conveniently move forward with the hiring process with the best candidates only. 

Now that you know how the best ATS system works, you must have realized that only the resumes containing job-relevant keywords and job titles will get shortlisted by the ATS. It means that the software will reject other resumes.

Why should recruiters use the ATS system?

Hiring new employees in the competitive US market is challenging for almost all recruiters. The Internet made it easy for job seekers to apply for jobs. It is one of the main reasons recruiters get flooded with thousands of job applications for every job opening. Many of these applications are unqualified, but recruiters do not have the time to check each application themselves. 

This is why they need automated recruitment software. In this case, what is better than the enterprise applicant tracking systems? These hiring systems simplify many tasks associated with recruitment and provide many other benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • It also lists fresh applications and people fitting upcoming job admissions. 
  • Among other things, it can post and manage job ads on the organization’s internal and external career sites or any number of job boards such as Indeed or, as well as social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. 
  • It consolidates data on candidates from various sources, including communications and previous job applications, to develop one view and profile per candidate. 
  • An ATS system accommodates the reuse of job descriptions for various positions, which can be time-saving and minimize posting effort. 
  • It can be integrated to auto-respond, send interview reminders, and notify people in the database when there are new job openings. Seen from this point of view, the ATS serves as a CRM. 
  • It also supports sorting and ranking candidates, for example, through an initial scan of candidates that relates to selecting the best fit with job qualifications.

As a result of these benefits, more and more recruiters have started using the ATS system. Many employers who use ATS report experiencing better quality hires, improved candidate engagement, and increased hiring productivity. Thus, ATS has become a powerful recruitment marketing tool in the recruitment industry.

ATS system: What are the six core features you should know?

Usually, companies receive hundreds of job applications when they use ATS to post jobs on multiple job search platforms. It means the recruiters get access to a large talent pool from which they can identify all the qualified candidates. Besides candidate sourcing, here are the other six core features that the applicant tracking systems offer:

1. Hiring reports and analytics

Imagine you have hired suitable candidates using the ATS. But now what? You will make strategies to improve recruitment for future hiring. In this case, the ATS’s reports and analytics feature will use data to help you make more informed hiring decisions. 

2. Mobile recruitment

Many advanced ATS these days offer mobile recruitment features. It means you can use the software’s mobile application on your mobile phone to perform different hiring tasks. For example, you can use the mobile app to conduct candidate interviews and communicate with candidates. 

3. Recruitment data storage

Another core feature the ATS system offers is recruitment data storage and management. If you want to store all the recruitment and candidate data in a centralized place, you can use this feature. This way, you do not have to struggle with using complicated spreadsheets to do the same.

4. Career page building

Many job seekers form opinions about your company after seeing your career page. In this case, you can use the ATS’s career page-building feature to build an auto-updating branded career site. This way, you can leave a positive impression of your company on candidates.

5. Interview scheduling and management

Which recruiter doesn’t struggle with scheduling interviews with job applicants? If you also face problems during the interview stage in recruitment, you can use ATS’s interview scheduling feature to manage multiple interviews smoothly.

Wrapping up

If we see the speed with which the ATS market is growing, it would not be wrong to say that the ATS system will continue to stay relevant in the coming years. Therefore, you should adapt to the changes in the recruitment landscape. There is no better way to do this than to adopt ATS software by Pitch N Hire! So, do not hold back! Quickly check our website to book a FREE software demo with our experts today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- Where can you find the best ATS?

Ans. Many recruitment software providers exist in the market. But if you want the best ATS system, you should only connect with the best ATS provider. For example, you can contact Pitch N Hire, a company with a proven track record of offering exceptional ATS software solution services to many business organizations. `

Q2- Why should you invest in an ATS system?

Ans. If you invest in an ATS system, you can not only satisfy your short-term business goals but your long-term business goals as well. It is because this computer-based software offers incredible benefits. But the most important thing to remember is that the ATS software automates all the hiring tasks.


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