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  • Project eCommerce
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Organize & Share Ideas:
Save and organise future shopping ideas and share with homies.
Find Shopping Ideas:
Discover and promote shopping ideas to the world.
Save & Earn Cashback:
Buy the ideas saved in Gynios to earn cashbacks
Simplify shopping and lead the transformation to an equitable and sustainable eCommerce.


Gynios is a website and Chrome extension that enables users to save the products they like from across every eCommerce platform, in different collections' categories - all in one place. The website also makes it easy for them to share the collections with friends and even buy the products at a discounted price.


Scope of Work ras

An eCommerce website with a twist, Gynios enables users to save product ideas, make different collections, buy products at a discounted price, and share with friends & family - all from within the website.
Remember the last time you shopped online? You found some things on different eCommerce platforms days ago and bookmarked them or took a screenshot, shared them on WhatsApp and other chat applications with your friends. And after much deliberation, you settled on one item only to lose the website name and settle on the second choice. We worked with Gynios to solve this issue, making online shopping convenient and rewarding.

Project Goals

Assist shoppers in easing their shopping experience.

Simplify Shopping Experience for Users

Gynios is an eCommerce model that aims at simplifying the online shopping experience of users by taking away the burden of research, reading reviews from strangers, 100s of open tabs and bookmarks or links saved in chat or email, etc, just by allowing users to add the products and form different merchant websites into the application with the help of Chrome Extension.

Reignite Social Shopping

Shopping used to be fun when visiting a store or shopping mall. Difficult to replicate such social interactions with friends and family can’t be replicated online. Consumers are having to improvise in new ways to share their online experiences. Gynios aims at bringing back the fun in shopping by motivating their members to connect with each other while also sharing socially how and what they buy.


The website and Chrome extension were aimed at making the shopping experience simple by bringing products from multiple merchants on one platform. Our team worked on the idea by ideating and enginerring some of the best feature sets in-website, with the intent remaining the same - making eCommerce efficient and easy.

The Developmental Challenges


The perfect blend of form and function of an application is built to assist its shoppers with discover, share, save, and earn ideas.



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In order to evaluate the design of the application, a prototype is released to enhance precision as inputted by users.

Web & App Care

MyShift project came to us at the ideation stage. Our team of business consultants sat with the MyShift founders to understand their vision. Keeping that as the center of the development process, we did a comprehensive market study and talked to shift workers to understand the intricate set of features they were looking for. We then combined all the research data to set the foundations of the application development process.
Throughout the stages, our team ensured that the application is the best version of the business vision and what the stakeholders require to make the job economy efficient.

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Forget Fuel Cards and Join in the revolution of a hassle-free experience.

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With prior experience in building a job search application, MyShift development came easily to us. So, when the client asked for an Android, iOS, and web application, we knew that we had to ensure a seamless experience across platforms. Moreover, it was clear to us that the application had to be the best version of the client’s vision while making it extremely easy and valuable for the shift workers to find same-day paying jobs and businesses to fill the employment gap.

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